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Rather, the goal should be to educate people who act and think independently, who nevertheless see service to society as their highest problem in life. I believe I learned more in 14 months traveling in Europe by van when I was ten years old than in any other year at school. (I was most impressed by Europe’s Gothic cathedrals and old ruined castles.) I was a rebellious student, but generally good. I failed my first physics course at university, mainly because I did not attend lectures. Perhaps the most important reason to take education seriously comes from my love of philosophy, which clearly acknowledges that education is the most important factor in the evolution of individuals and society….

PS – Now I am rewriting all the main pages of philosophy / physics. For these educational sites, I hope to write a little treatise on how we can improve our education system based on a simple principle. After the war, he called for control of atomic weapons and was one of the first people in the United States to protest against McCarthyism and the House Committee on Anti-American Activities. Albert Einstein, who spent the last years of his life trying to combine quantum theory and his general theory of relativity, died in 1955..

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In 1950, he described his “unified field theory” in an American Scientific article entitled “On the Generalized Theory of Gravity.” Although he continued to be appreciated for his work, Einstein became increasingly isolated in his research, and his efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. In his attempt to unite the fundamental forces, Einstein ignored some of the major advances in physics, particularly strong and weak nuclear interactions, which were not well understood until many years after his death….

Einstein received worldwide recognition for his general theory of relativity and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. As a Jew, Einstein suffered from a host of prejudices in Germany and after attending a memorial service for the assassinated German politician Walter Rathenau, he it was warned that he would likely be killed by Freikorps. In 1915, Einstein published his general theory of relativity, in which he argued that the properties of space-time should be considered modified in place by the presence of a body of mass. Relativity revolutionized our understanding of matter, space, and time.

Einstein argued that the laws of nature are the same for all observers in non-accelerated motion, and the speed of light does not depend on the motion of its source. Einstein postulated that the time interval between two events was greater for an observer in whose coordinate system events occur in different places than for an observer for whom events occur in the same place. Following his research on general relativity, Einstein undertook a series of attempts to generalize his geometric theory of gravity to include electromagnetism as another aspect of a single entity….

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