Blatter Re-Elected As FIFA President, Soccer World Is In Turmoil

Blatter Re-Elected As FIFA President, Soccer World Is In Turmoil

Sepp Blatter has been re-elected, but some sort of Cup boycott would be damaging for the industry that is betting.

Sepp Blatter, the controversial head of FIFA, has been re-elected as president associated with globe soccer governing body.

This week despite years of condemnation, negative headlines, and the arrests of seven top FIFA officials on corruption charges, Blatter has ignored widespread calls for his resignation.

Alternatively, he received endorsement from 133 of 209 FIFA member delegates at the organization’s annual meeting that is general Zurich and continues to preside over world football for his fifth tenure.

Their challenger, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, withdrew following the round that is first of.

‘ For the next four years I will be in demand of the boat called FIFA. Beach soccer is played everywhere,’ crowed the 79-old Swiss, amid titters from the press bench. ‘Let’s go FIFA, Let’s go FIFA. Thank you.’


Blatter denied obligation for last days arrests, the consequence of a 47-count indictment filed in federal court in Brooklyn against 14 people, accused, variously, of racketeering, cable fraud and cash laundering conspiracy.

FIFA officials are accused of accepting bribes worth over $150 million in return for offering lucrative World Cup media and advertising legal rights to different businesses and national football associations.

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