Prohibited Sweepstakes Operator Gave Cash to North Carolina Politicians

Prohibited Sweepstakes Operator Gave Cash to North Carolina Politicians

Numerous North Carolina politicians accepted campaign contributions from illegal sweepstakes operator Chase E. Burns.

Politics can be a dirty company, but there are a few places even politicians don’t desire to attend get money for their campaigns, at least not knowingly. They are few in number, of course, however they do exist and unlawful gambling operations are probably close to the top of the list that is potential.

Hundreds of Thousands in Political Efforts

That’s why a recent tale out of new york has made headlines perhaps not for anything lawmakers here might have done but for where their campaign funds have actually come from. It’s been stated that a bank checking account used last year to make a total of $235,000 in campaign contributions to dozens of North Carolina candidates for political workplace included laundered cash funds from the criminal gambling enterprise run by an Oklahoma resident.

The donations came from Chase E. Burns, an Oklahoma man who ran sweepstakes games in states such as Florida. It had been one of a few reports tied to his illegal businesses, which is why Burns has been already been prosecuted in both Florida and Oklahoma.

In Burns pleaded no contest to two criminal counts of assisting in the operation of a lottery september. This was actually a much lighter sentence than he could have received: before the plea bargaining, Burns faced 205 felony counts, includ Continue reading “Prohibited Sweepstakes Operator Gave Cash to North Carolina Politicians”

University of Texas El Paso Boots Basketball Players for Gambling

University of Texas El Paso Boots Basketball Players for Gambling

Three UTEP Miners basketball players have now been suspended after allegations of illegal sports gambling

If you’re a college sports fan, you most likely don’t think much about the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with regards to groups. Sure, you’ve probably heard about UTEP, but you’re not too concerned when your favorite group suits up to relax and play them, and you may not be selecting them to win a championship that is national basketball or football anytime soon. Of course their basketball group is in the news headlines, you understand it’s not likely for anything they will have done on the court.

Three Players Accused of Betting on Games

And that is exactly true for the headlines coming out of UTEP this week. Three players had been kicked off of the UTEP men’s basketball team after allegations had been made against them associated with gambling on sports. Those allegations eventually caused the school to report the gambling to the FBI that is local field, and then remove the players from their team.

For those in search of something such as the 1994 Arizona State point shaving scandal, however, it doesn’t appear that things went quite that far in this case. In line with the school, none of the three UTEP players involved are accused of shaving points or throwing games, and there is no proof that some of them bet on games played by UTEP. Coach Tim Floyd said that the evidence he’s seen backs up t Continue reading “University of Texas El Paso Boots Basketball Players for Gambling”